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Testimonial: Martiza De La Rosa

Since the moment I saw the sign for for I.T.S. Academy of Beauty, my first though was “I want to be a Cosmetologist.” My nephew also was my inspiration, he always needed to have his hair done. Beauty school was a challenge, I needed to be a part time student because I needed to work […]

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#26 Birthday Pics (6)

I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Mesquite Birthday-Day!

The I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Mesquite held a Birthday Extravaganza for a little girl and all her friends. It was a great success with many smiles!

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Halloween 2014 – Lawton

The students and staff at the I.T.S. Academy of Beauty in Lawton pulled out all the stops this Halloween! See their amazing work!

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Thank you Chelsea

Ellie’s New Do!

Ellie is a member of the BeautySchoolRocks family. She visited our International Academy of Hair Design in Fiesta Mall to have her hair done. See the results of our great students!

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Testimonial: Ali Bence

I went to The International Academy of Hair Design and it made me fall in love with Cosmetology even more! During my time here I started out as a part time student but switched to full time, so I was able to meet every instructor and learn different techniques from each one. (more…)

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